Software Solutions

6SS Software Solutions are Only and Fully integrated with the Milestone VMS. They are developed to reliably, securely and efficiently operate in either a server-based and/or edge-based installation.

3D Hypervision – PSIM

Axone is a cutting-edge French software company with 18 years of experience in video surveillance and security systems.

Their OODA was the first software, through use of 3D modeling solutions drawn from the gaming industry and advanced algorithms to analyze metadata, to enable a total integration of any and literally all sensors and cameras, whether analog or digital, into an intuitive and easy to use intelligent 3D visual touch screen interface that provides exceptional operator awareness plus the ability to act instantly and efficiently to changing situations or potential dangers.

Originally designed to integrate all analog & digital data collection systems within a building or skyscraper into a seamless whole, OODA is scalable to a city-wide and even a country-wide level.

OODA allows you to:

  • Manage All Sensors and All Resources over the entire system, no matter how large
  • Initiate Tactical Deployment and Crisis Management with 1 finger
  • Locate a specific person, object or vehicle in a simple, intuitive way with less than 3 clicks