About Us

Who We Are

6SS was Founded in 2013 with a Headquarters in Minnesota, USA and a major office in Lebanon serving the MEA region. 6SS is a modern video surveillance and security system has five major components, Surveillance, Switches, Servers. Software and Storage. The effectiveness of the entire security system, however, depends on a sixth element, for it is the combination of the Capability of these individual components combined with the Quality of their integration and the Level of training of the personnel who will monitor and run that system that ties everything together in order to provide you the complete security solution.

Since its inception, 6SS has been the exclusive MEA region training and professional services partner for Milestone Systems.

6SS is also a developer of Intelligent Software Solutions. We currently offer our comprehensive 6SS IVA video analytics solution as well as 6SS LPR. All of these will integrate fully with the Milestone VMS.

6SS is proud of its history of partnering with innovative and leading global surveillance and security companies and of helping its customers achieve the best performance possible from their video surveillance and security systems as well as the personnel who operate them.


“Modern video surveillance and security systems, especially those powered by the Milestone VMS, deliver features and capabilities that were unheard of just a few short years ago.  These systems make our lives safer, but they have also increased the complexity of these systems. 

Our fundamental goal at 6SS is to simplify this complexity for you.” 

6SS Managing Director – Elias Bechara