Software Solutions

6SS Software Solutions are Only and Fully integrated with the Milestone VMS. They are developed to reliably, securely and efficiently operate in either a server-based and/or edge-based installation.

Fire Alarm

Cygnetic Techologies (Pty) Ltd is a leading edge technology company which provides a large array of device integrations built on the Milestone platform.
The company designs and builds quality hardware devices and software as well as computer vision and machine learning solutions.


The SmartiQ mini Fire Intelligent IoT device connects the Fire Panel network to a TCP/IP network. It translates the protocol from a native format to a format compatible with the Cygnetic Technologies Fire Integration Plugin for all Milestone XProtect® products.

The SmartiQ mini Fire Intelligent IoT device handles full handshaking between itself and the fire panel network in order for the network to function correctly and reliably, even if the TCP/IP network were to be interrupted.

The SmartiQ mini Fire support PoE (Power over Ethernet) only, so no external power is required.

A single SmartiQ-mini Fire Intelligent IoT device is required for each Fire Panel Network.

Fire Alarm Tab

By analyzing the video streams from all the Receive any alarm type from the Fire Panel System with Maps and associated cameras to the Smart Client and Mobile Client.

Fire Alarm Reports

Generate a Fire Alarm Graphical Report within the Smart Client. Export it to PDF.

Business Process Model and Notation (BPMN)

Milestone XProtect® Fire Integration plugin is BPMN 2.0 Compliant. This means the client can customize their own actionable procedures with a graphical notation.

In the Management Client our process editor offers a simplified subset of the BPMN Workflow for creating Tasks and Processes, and these processes are then actionable via the Smart Client for the Operators or Supervisors.

Maintenance Reports

Retrieve a Maintenance Graphical Report from the Fire Panel Network within the Smart Client.