Environmentally Hardened

6SS’s line of environmentally hardened products create an all-in-one solution for the toughest conditions. Fan less video servers, managed and unmanaged switches, fiberglass reinforced polyester NEMA enclosures, and rugged power supplies come together to provide solutions for extreme temperatures and environments.

Hardened Power Supplies

For extreme conditions, 6SS offers extremely compact environmentally hardened DIN rail mount power supplies with up to 480W power output, 12-240 VDC or VAC input, and 24 to 48 V output.  These devices will operate at 130-150% peak load capacity and are 91% efficient, making them ideal for power enclosures located in extreme and remote environments utilizing the widest possible range of available power.  These are, hands down, the most effective and affordable small format environmentally hardened power supplies on the market today and we are constantly updating our offering to the best of the best available products.