Environmentally Hardened

6SS’s line of environmentally hardened products create an all-in-one solution for the toughest conditions. Fan less video servers, managed and unmanaged switches, fiberglass reinforced polyester NEMA enclosures, and rugged power supplies come together to provide solutions for extreme temperatures and environments.

Hardened Servers

For extreme environment deployments, 6SS offers state-of-the art environmentally hardened small form factor video servers whose compact, rugged design is perfect for mobile, remote and harsh climate systems use.

6th generation Intel Core processors and designed in flexibility and scalability allow for a server solution that will be tailored for your specific needs while withstanding the worst nature has to offer.

Equipped with a mSATA solid state drive for faster boot times, space for either an additional 2.5” solid state or 3.5” video grade SATA hard drive, up to 14TB of on-device storage, and an operating temperature range of -25C to 70C plus a 2 year 24/7 warranty, these servers give you the best performance, dependability and value available for extreme environment use.