Pro Services

6SS team is able to provide professional services related to Milestone VMS.
“We can thus bridge the gap in your project where there is need for in-depth technical knowledge on the VMS or underlying IT infrastructure”.

Milestone VMS

With our decades of experience educating and servicing IP Networked Video Surveillance and Security systems using the Milestone Video Management Systems, from the simplest to most complex, 6SS is truly uniquely placed to provide the highest quality professional services for Milestone VMS systems at pricing levels that are the envy of our competitors. The 6SS team’s unique level of experience and our company’s unusually lean and low overhead, allows us to give you unmatched support at exceptionally low prices.

These services include:

System Design Service

We design systems to meet you exact current needs while allowing for future scalability as your needs require.  Without unmatched experience in Milestone VMS powered systems and all the market leading software and technologies Milestone takes advantage of (virtualization, windows server, SQL database, etc) our team has the knowledge, experience and engineering savvy to specify exactly what you need to meet your requirements, saving you time and money up front, and, even more importantly, making sure all system components meet the highest standards of reliability, durability and performance available so that your cost of ownership after system sign off, whether for maintenance or system expansion or upgrade remains the lowest possible.

System Upgrade Service

Whether you are migrating to a new infrastructure or simply upgrading to a new version of the Milestone VMS, 6SS can assist you to over-come all challenges of a complex surveillance system and ensure a smooth, efficient, frustration-free and affordable transition.

System Health Check Service

To ensure your system is giving you’re the highest possible performance and reliability, the affordable solution is a System Health Check.  During this process, our experience professionals acquire and analyze the logs and performance data from an existing Milestone XProtect system.  The analysis includes the relevant separate components as well as an overall performance analysis of the complete system and uncovers any weaknesses.  For each analysis, an action plan is developed to allow you to get the best performance from your system.

System Configuration Service

Have your new or existing system configured and tailored to your needs according to best practices guidelines by our experienced and certified VMS experts.  Whether a simple, professional or enterprise level system that would include system monitoring to enable us to apply key best practices, we can get your system tuned to provide optimal performance.

High Availability Setup Service

6SS offers a variety of service levels for deploying High Availability enabled servers based on the complexity of the system, from bare metal to single or multiple virtualization configurations, we’ve got you covered.  We can implement solutions for already available hardware (providing it meets the system requirements for the solution) or recommend components tailored to your solution that will give you the highest levels of performance, reliability, durability, affordability and cost of ownership available on the market today.

System Startup Service

The features and capabilities of even a relatively simple modern surveillance and security system can, and very often do, make installation and integration of those features and capabilities a frustrating, time consuming and sometimes even a nightmare experience.

Our unique level of training and experience in all aspects of modern VSS systems enables us to get your Milestone VMS based system up and running in the shortest amount of time possible, saving you time, money and lowering the frustration quotient to near zero.

Milestone SDK Development

For well over a decade, the 6SS team has focused on being true subject matter experts on state-of-the-art IP Networked video and surveillance systems, with a primary focus on those built around the world’s number 1 VMS, Milestone XProtect.  Our level of on-going training and experience as certification trainers, educators, software developers, troubleshooters and integrators is unique in the marketplace, making us your go-to source to simplify the complexity of modern VMS systems.

Here are a few of the ways we can help:

Management and Client Plugins

Developing and customizing plug-ins to integrate your preferred input and output devices such as keypads, jog dials and joysticks.

Integration of Third-Party Software and Hardware

There are three main integration options for integrating third part hardware and software:

  • Protocol Integration: A basic integration method particularly suited for integration of applications running in non-Windows environments.
  • Component Integration: Lets you integrate MIP components into your application, which is useful when you want to use libraries provided by Milestone in your Windows-based application.
  • Plug-in Integration: The most refined integration method. This allows you to embed your Milestone Solution Partner plug-in in the Milestone XProtect Management environment and run your plug-in as an integrated part of the XProtect software and its client applications.
Custom Development

Because Milestone is an open platform system and our team’s tremendous depth of training and experience in it. We are able to customize your VSS to meet your particular needs and requirements for extra features and capabilities.

Microsoft Services

Our trained and experienced professionals can deliver a range of Microsoft services at highly affordable prices.

These include:

Microsoft Windows Operating Systems

Installing, upgrading or migrating the Windows Operating System to a higher version.  This can include an effective deployment of Windows to systems on a large scale.

Microsoft SQL Servers

Microsoft SQL server is an, perhaps even the, industry leader in operational database management systems.  The 6SS team of professionals can assist by installing SQL as well as upgrading or configuring Microsoft SQL server deployments.

Microsoft Active Directory

Microsoft Active Directory is an essential component of a Windows based system.  6SS can provide all services related to the Microsoft Active Directory domain.

Microsoft Virtualization

With the massive amounts of data storage capabilities of modern servers, virtualization of servers has become and extremely attractive and affordable way to deliver high end performance with a minimal number of hardware components.  The 6SS team of professionals is able to deliver all services required for Microsoft server virtualization including Hyper-V.

Network Services

The most effective Modern Video Surveillance and Security Solutions all run on IP Networks making it imperative that your IP Network is capable of handling the extra demands of your security solution.

Since many IP experts are not familiar with the peculiar demands a high performance security system makes on the IP network (and many integrators are also not up on how to design or upgrade an IP Network to meet these demands), 6SS has specialized in Network design, analysis and performance and can assist you in meeting all the demands on your IP Network so you can get the most out of not only your security system, but all systems running on the same network.


System Performance Services

How can you know that your system is performance at peak levels now and in the future?  6SS and its partners can provide the continuous system monitoring, analysis and reporting necessary for continuous optimization of even the most sophisticated modern Surveillance and Security systems no matter how complex or large.  Our team of professionals’ extensive experience designing, deploying and optimizing such systems for Government, City Surveillance, Banking, Airports and Retail verticals, just to name a few, ensures that you maintain the peak performance needed to secure your facilities and personnel.

Performance Monitoring

We offer health monitoring of various surveillance system elements such as cameras, networking, and server performance. Monitoring can be paired with various notification options to provide greater situational awareness of the status of the system, giving system operators and managers a solid and ongoing experiential foundation to get optimal performance from their system.

Performance Reporting

Due to the flexibility and ability of milestone VMS, 6SS team is able to create and customize applications to generate reports based on customer needs.

Milestone Cyber Security

The 6SS team’s level of unmatched training and experience in Milestone Xprotect based systems, positions us to help you achieve the highest levels of security to prevent your system from being hacked and compromised.

We can help you implement and maintain recommended security solutions from Milestone.



Custom Services

When you have specific needs that are not addressed by the standard services we offer, the 6SS team of professionals is here to help you identify and find solutions for those needs.  Contact us to discuss and we will deliver you a custom quote for whatever the challenge is.  If we do not already have a solution for you, our team knows where to go to develop one for you.  So put you mind at ease and us to work on your behalf.