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6SS offers a wide range of software and hardware solutions to ensure your professional needs are met.


6SS team delivers professional services related to Milestone VMS as well as custom solutions.


6SS training programs consist of courses that are aimed to increase your competency across many fields.

Professional services

Get the best business support

• Analyze the logs, performance data, and relevant separate components from an existing Milestone XProtect System
• Discover any technical issue and uncover any weakness
• Develop and action plan for each analysis
• Deliver a report that presents its findings and provide recommendation for how you can better optimize the system and improve its reliability and user experience

• Installing and configuring Milestone VMS system in the shortest amount of time possible
• Ensure that all system components are up and running after the installation is complete
• The above process will save time, money, and lower the frustration quotient to near zero

• Ensure a smooth, efficient, frustration-free and affordable transition to a new version of Milestone VMS.
• Facilitate and smoothen the transition from one of the XProtect VMS products to a newer product.
• Facilitate the migration to a new infrastructure.

• The Milestone Integration Platform Software Development Kit (MIP SDK) is a set of comprehensive tools that makes it easy to create applications or device drivers that will work for Milestone XProtect video management software (VMS).
• The development framework allows you to seamlessly integrate applications, hardware, cameras and other devices - all from Milestone Technology Partners, end customers or third-party vendors.
• These form a solution that can be managed in the XProtect software


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Products Overview


6SS ANPR® is an Automatic Number Plate Recognition Software that was developed by 6SS lead Software Engineers in order t...


6SS ICR® is an Industrial Code Recognition Software that was developed by 6SS lead Software Engineers in order to automa...

6SS iMonitor®

6SS iMonitor® is a hardware, software and network monitoring tool developed by 6SS Software Engineers in order to work i...

6SS Centaur®

6SS Centaur® is an application that groups two Milestone Management Servers, or two SQL Servers into a virtual entity. I...


Intelligent Video Analytics (IVA) is software that is used to monitor video streams in near real-time. While monitoring ...

6SS GetFace®

6SS GetFace® is a Biometric Artificial Intelligence based video analysis application which is used for identifying or ve...

Featured Product

6SS Federator

Manage large multi-site deployments with our unique software solution

6SS Federator® is an add-on solution developed by 6SS lead Software Engineers in order to act as an additional layer to Milestone XProtect to make the management of Milestone XProtect more efficient and simple. With Federator software you can save hours of time, provide better customer support by centralizing all XProtect sites operations, including configuration and reporting, in one centralized interface. This eliminates the need to login to each site, which can be time consuming especially in a multisite environment and huge deployments. This application allows the administrators to manage and configure multiple XProtect sites, visualize XProtect with dashboards, and create beautiful customer-ready reports.

Software Solutions

Due to our ample experience, we are able to provide solutions for any project, no matter how complex.

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Training & Certification

6SS knowledge transfer program consists of a number of in-house developed training courses.

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Take your business to the next level

Provides attendees with the knowledge and skills needed to design Milestone XProtect® Advanced (XProtect® Expert and XProtect® Corporate) surveillance systems

Provides attendees with the ability to install and configure moderately complex XProtect® Advanced VMS, with the guidance of a professional facilitator and a series of hands-on exercises

Provides attendees with the ability to install and configure more complex XProtect® Advanced VMS installations, with guided support from a professional facilitator and hands-on practice

Provides attendees with the ability to deal with real-life scenarios that use features of the XProtect® Smart Client

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Follow Up on Our Latest News

By 6SS, 24 March 2021

6SS, Zaka & RozeAI at NVIDIA GTC


Let’s invent the future together. Join Zaka, 6SS, and Roze AI at NVIDIA GTC this April 12-16 for the latest in AI, HPC, healthcare, data center, intelligent data networking, and more.
Register now at www.nvidia.com/gtc.  


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By 6SS, 22 March 2021

6SS team at Milipol Qatar 2021


Our team is exhibiting with Milestone Systems at Mannai Networking & ELV and G4S booths
Learn more about our complete Security Solutions.
Milestone Gold Technology Partners
Milestone Certified Solutions
Milestone Integration

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By 6SS, 08 March 2021

Our team is growing


Meet Mustapha Amine Benhabiles, our new Regional Sales Manager. Mr. Benhabiles has extensive experience working with Milestone Systems Middle East as Coordinator Manager and Sales Support (META). Our team strives to remain competitive and achieve long-lasting business success!

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